Monday, February 25, 2013

Karzai Endangers Our Troops

Afghan President Karzai's office is reported by the Wall Street Journal as putting out this statement in a press release,
"U.S. Special Forces stationed in Wardak province engage in harassing, annoying, torturing and even murdering innocent people," read a statement from the president's press office."
For all the billions in aid and support we've poured into Afghanistan, not to mention the lives sacrificed and ravaged among our troops, President Obama should send a special envoy to President Karzai to express our profound displeasure with this reckless and inflammatory statement.

Ann Marlowe's blog posts information today from the latest UN report on Afghan civilian casualties,
"For the first year since 2008, civilian casualties are down. Twelve percent down over 2011. At 2,754, civilian deaths in 2012—the equivalent in our population of 300 million would be 27,540—are still horrifyingly high. But contrary to lefty doctrine, 81 percent of the casualties were caused by the insurgents and just 8 percent by foreign and Afghan security forces. Air attacks by our forces caused just 126 deaths in 2012, as opposed to 235 in 2011 and 171 in 2010."
 We should also begin lining up the numbered foreign bank accounts where President Karzai, his family and friends have been expropriating our development funds and freeze the assets immediately. Failing something out of the normal, our draw down in Afghanistan will be hard on the ANA, civilians, and on our troops.

To think of our maintaining elite special forces within Afghanistan after our "pull out" in 2014 is madness.  They will be sitting ducks in a "no win" situation.   Let's not "lead from the back" on this predictable scenario.

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