Thursday, March 14, 2013

Afghan Commander Issues Threat Advisory

What we earlier termed Karzai's Afghan madness endangering our troops has been confirmed by one of our top generals in Afghanistan, according to the New York Times.

"Frustration with Mr. Karzai was clear in the alert, known as a command threat advisory, sent on Wednesday by Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. to his top commanders. “His remarks could be a catalyst for some to lash out against our forces — he may also issue orders that put our forces at risk,” the advisory read....While threat advisories are circulated routinely, one directly from the commanding general is unusual, one Western official said.The threat advisory specifically mentioned Mr. Karzai’s comments about Bagram Prison, calling it an “inflammatory speech,” and warning commanders to be on guard against heightened insider attacks by Afghan forces against Westerners, as well as opportunistic Taliban violence. The order came after a recent rise in violence, including an insider attackthat killed two American service members and a bombing that struck the capital just after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel arrived for a visit last week."
Going back to Jake Tapper's "The Outpost," the collapse of COP Keating could not have forced without members of the ANA cooperating with the Taliban.  Even members of the local village council were co-opted by the threat of violent reprisals against their family members by Taliban insurgents.  This event came against the background of a cooperative spirit engendered by the Keating commanders at the time.  Little of that spirit exists today, and the risks will be greater as the specifics of our planned withdrawal plan become known by our enemies.

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