Friday, April 5, 2013

HP Directors Take Their Cues and Exit

Readers of this blog know that we've been on the issue of HP's directors for a long time.  A lot of it has to with the past, including the recent past with the CEO hire of Leo Apotheker and the imbecilic acquisition of Autonomy.  Equally importantly, I think about the future and about the CEO's need to be surrounded by a board that can support her, challenge her and provide assets and insights different from her own.

We'd again like to suggest Marissa Mayer as someone who might provide different assets, insights and perspectives to a reconstituted board.  I'm sure that there are quite a few good candidates out there, and here's hoping that there is a good process for finding and vetting them.

HP's turnaround has begun: just as the stock price was battered too low at $12, it's gotten a bit ahead of the story here. This is typical for market adjustments.  The "roll up your sleeves" phase is just beginning.  With a better board, the odds of success increase.

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