Monday, July 15, 2013

HP Adds Directors Who Can Help Management

HP announced the addition of three new directors to the board: Robert Bennett, former CEO of Liberty Media; Ray Ozzie, of Lotus Notes fame and former Chief Software Architect for Microsoft; James Skinner, Chairman of the Board of Walgreen and former CEO of McDonald's.

These seem like upgrades from the traditional list of Silicon Valley types.  Ray Ozzie brings an entrepreneurial mindset, first hand experience with technological innovation and experience with how a large company views software development.  His imagination still seems fertile, and he's seen the good and bad in corporate development. Walgreen was always one of the best run companies I followed as an analyst; during that time, the CEO was the board chair and favored the traditional pedigree of a pharmacist who came up through the ranks, e.g. Cork Walgreen and Dan Jorndt. For James Skinner to take that role suggests a great deal of faith in his abilities, and his operational experience with one of the globally iconic consumer brands should help HP in its consumer businesses.

A good step forward.

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