Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Which Economist Am I Most Like?

Greg Mankiw sent along a probing survey of over 100 questions, which was clearly well designed by academic economists.  Although I despise the usual corporate or non-profit surveys, I took the bait on this one.  The outcome of the survey determined which "famous economist" I was most like. Professor Mankiw's answers made him most similar to Yale's Professor Ray Fair, whose econometric forecasting model of the U.S. economy I used for as background for some corporate consulting projects.

My views are most like those of Professor Hyun Song Shin of Princeton University, who is also a member of Chicago Booth School of Business IGM Forum. I don't know Professor Shin's papers or views at all, which is interesting given how widely I read.

I am buoyed by having a highly regarded companion in economic thinking, and I look forward to reading his published work. Take the survey yourself, if you want to put your economic policy thinking cap on and get a little surprise at the end!

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