Sunday, September 1, 2013

Greg Mankiw and the Carbon Tax

For the past few years, we've written lots of posts around environmental policies and their nexus with the economics of energy sources, like oil, gas and coal.  "Cap and trade," a scam waiting to happen, seems to have faded with the European system's dysfunctional performance.

A "carbon tax" isn't the perfect instrument, but if the legions of environmentalists, government policy wonks, and corporate execs to who pay lip service to 'climate change' are serious about what they profess, then a carbon tax is the way to go to get real results, directed by market mechanisms and not by government czars.

Now, Professor Greg Mankiw of Harvard has written a New York Times editorial with a cogent, non-partisan article challenging the various academies to implement a carbon tax.

We wrote in 2011, "The carbon tax hasn't had a strong, visible voice in the political and economic markets for some time. Hopefully, one will emerge soon."  It's nice to see the hoped-for emergence. 

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