Friday, January 31, 2014

WSJ"s Similar Take on Google Sale to Lenovo

Today's WSJ carries a story whose main line is that Google has made a good strategic move selling Moto Mobility.  It's implicit in our post yesterday, so there's no disagreement.  Where we differ is that overall, it's really not great for developed market consumers, particularly in the U.S., and it puts pressure on Samsung to go its own way with its Tizen mobile OS, which may be a good move but one which will slow their momentum even more and carries risk of confusing their customers.

The story says,
"The deal also helps Google bring more balance to the Android ecosystem. Today, Samsung dominates the Android world, selling more than six times as many phones as its nearest rival. A combined Lenovo and Motorola can help offset Samsung's strength, reducing the risk that the Android world is dominated by a single hardware maker."

Balancing the Android world is a nice euphemism.  The sights are set to take the wind out of Samsung's sails, which is not great for consumer choice.

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