Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Thoughts on Windows Phone 8

For all our fuming about Windows Phone 8, it's important I remind readers what could be different this time around.

  • The New CEO
Taking Satya Nadella's own words about the future being in software, mobile, and the cloud, then he surely isn't going to accept the dysfunctional culture he inherits from former CEO Steve Ballmer. He had said, it's "renew or die." That's where Microsoft is in mobile and tablets. But, in the words of Lawrence of Arabia, "Nothing is written."

  • Stephen Elop
Reportedly returning to Microsoft to run a portfolio which includes Surface, Windows Phone and Xbox, this would be another smart move. He knows both Nokia and Microsoft. It would also free up the CEO to focus on bigger issues, once he has rounded up his senior executive team.  Mr. Elop, like the Microsoft CEO, realizes the amount of value waiting to be created from a transformation of the lumbering Microsoft.

Here what Nokia says about its cultural aspirations:
Make it great for the customerEveryone in Nokia has a role to play in making it great for our customers. This involves listening and understanding before making the decisions that will provide a great customer experience. It’s about taking accountability, and holding others accountable, for keeping commitments and getting things done on time.Challenge and innovateChallenging the status quo is a prerequisite for change and innovation. Innovation is the lifeblood of our future success and the cornerstone of our product making. This is about not accepting “what is”, but being curious and striving for “what could be”.Achieve togetherResults matter, and we achieve more when we work together. This is about everyone at Nokia taking responsibility for achieving and collaborating across organizational or geographic boundaries to win. It’s about having a diverse and inclusive environment that promotes individual expression.Act with empathy and integrityEmpathy and integrity are our guides for dealing with our customers and each other. It’s about us being honest, transparent and doing the right thing. We inspire trust by speaking frankly and having the courage to call things out on what matters.
 Consumers need more competition, innovation, and value in mobile: if Microsoft can help bring this about, value creation will follow as surely as day follows night.

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