Tuesday, October 14, 2014

T-Mobile Still Rudderless

T-Mobile's meringue-like offer from a French billionaire evaporated, since it was all spidery sugar and so substance.

The company's network is still woeful compared to its competitors, and it has dead spots in major metros and is often more challenged in buildings than its competitors.  Despite disingenuous promises from its CEO, it's only strategy now amounts to giving away data and grabbing more unprofitable subscribers.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom's ownership of an established carrier in a major market has added no value, and their continuing, failing efforts to divest their stake also drives down TM's value.

Wireless needs to be priced like any other utility: giving away more and more goodies to no-profit customers will do nothing to provide funds for building out the network.  TM seems to be stuck in the worst place now, despite all the CEO preening for the cameras.

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