Monday, April 13, 2015

What Are We Doing in Yemen?

After six odd years of unprecedented ineptitude and colossal arrogance informing our foreign policy, the U.S. is now "backing" a Saudi-led coalition against the Houthi in Yemen!  If a poll were taken in Congress asking "Where is Yemen," and "Who are the Houthi?" a handful at best would be able to answer.

Al-Jazeera describes the Houthi as a theologically-based peace movement. However, once their assigned role in a national government of unity was found inadequate, they have suddenly become a well-armed militia, causing the Yemeni President Hadi to seek refuge in Saudi Arabia.

Now, there is a full-fledged proxy war underway, and we are aiding air strikes that are killing civilians and fighters who seem to be dressed just the same as the civilians.  At the same time we signing "unprecedented" accords with Iran, they are running arms to Yemen in opposition to the Saudi coalition, that includes the U.S.  Got that?

No nation can rationally claim to be able to be able to stop a flow of arms by ship or tanker. Who is going to interdict vessels under different flags in territorial or international waters?  Under what authority? Now that Russia has offered high-powered weapons, President Putin would only be too eager to show his dictatorate that he will stand up to the West whose sanctions are keeping bread off their tables. China's opposition to military action has been clear, but their activities are off the radar screen.

So, Saudi Arabia has continued to export revolution to its Western customers for several decades, and now we are helping them in a battle that ultimately, among other things, will redraw the map of the Middle East in ways in which our moronic foreign policy can't fathom.

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