Saturday, June 6, 2015

T-Mobile and the Dish Network: Please Let It Happen!

The corporate merger dance can be a protracted one, with partners eyeing each other and making inviting gestures, before suddenly leaving the dance with another partner; or, it can be a case of eyeing each other and suddenly the suitor aggressively carries off the apple of his eye.

T-Mobile badly needs a merger partner, and more than that it BADLY needs spectrum, more towers and better service for its growing, but often poorly served customers.  Dish Network needs a merger partner, although their mercurial CEO isn't sure what he wants to merge and what industry he wants to dominate, e.g. wireless, home entertainment or content.  It has plenty of spectrum that is essentially sitting around like excess cash, it makes shareholders antsy.

Regulators, for some unknown reason want four strong wireless companies.  Right now the former Bell stepchildren, Verizon and ATT are the giants, and Sprint and T-Mobile the runts of the litter. Absorbing T-Mobile would give them a much stronger third player, and it would satisfy the long-held desire of Deutsche Telekom to divest its investment.

As a long-suffering T-Mobile customer, I am hopeful, but listening to the T-Mobile CFO talk about a potential deal or "partnership," I wonder if anything will come of this.  Watching for my text of the deal being done!

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