Saturday, September 6, 2014

A NATO Quick Reaction Force: Good Idea in Principle, But Caveats Apply

The news story about the creation of a NATO quick reaction force for Eastern Europe is a much better idea than that of moving underutilized U.S. troops from Germany,

Similar caveats apply, though. It will take time.  Objections and 'concerns' have already been raised by Russian mouthpieces.  This move, however, almost had to be made given prior statements by President Obama.  Once a force is in place, count on the same Russian strategy of provocations and objections to the response and moves to protect those of Russian ethnicity wherever they may reside. The Polish government, in this case, as opposed the the Wall Street Journal scenario, has offered to provide bases and logistical support.  This move is hopeful, but there's a long time from the press release to the implementation.

Whatever weaknesses there are in NATO, and they are significant, will be subject to exposure over the coming months.

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